Vinyasa (Heated; 60-75 minutes)

"Vinyasa" is a gradual and systematic progression of postures designed to lead from one pose to the next, all linked with the breath. One of the most common and well-known vinyasas is the "Chaturanga-Upward Facing Dog-Downward Facing Dog" sequence often performed in class. Our teachers thoughtfully sequence fun, creative, and smart flows to improve one's practice and well-being. Options are always given and props are encouraged to accommodate skill level or physical needs.

Level 1-2: Great for beginners and seasoned yogis, Vinyasa 1-2 allows the body time to acclimate to each pose and learn transitions with grace and strength. This simpler Vinyasa may gradually build to offer more intermediate options that can be taken or omitted. The teacher fully explains poses and makes adjustments as needed.

Level 2-3: This more vigorous and complex Vinyasa introduces advanced postures and tricky transitions. Students are encouraged to approach this class with an open mind and adventurous heart. Less detailed instruction is given but teachers always offer modifications and adjustments. Students are welcome to modify the level and intensity of this class as desired.

Beginner Yoga (Nonheated; all levels; 60 minutes)

Perfect for the person who has never done yoga, has not practiced in a long time, or anyone wanting to get back to basics. Beginner Yoga explains poses, breath, and transitions in great detail, offering modifications for all skill levels and physical needs. 

Flow & Go (Nonheated; mixed levels; 45 minutes)

Flow & Go is a fast, nonstop vinyasa designed to heat the body and increase circulation though movement and breath. While the poses are beginner to intermediate in skill level, the pace is challenging and fun. Perfect for anyone needing an effective practice in a short amount of time.

Focus On: (Heated; advanced; 90-120 minutes)

Our most technical and anatomical class, Focus On: focuses on a peak pose or particular intention set by the teacher. This class is very carefully sequenced to help the student learn, understand, and practice the focus of the class, and takes the skill level, body type, and even mindset of each student into consideration. While this is an advanced class, the teacher will always give options to modify. (Students are encouraged to make requests for this class.) 

Gentle Yoga (Nonheated; all levels; 60 minutes)

Take it easy and move at a slow, gentle pace. Gentle Yoga is perfect for anyone brand new to yoga, seniors, and people with injuries or who experience pain. Our teachers will mindfully guide you through a comfortable practice to relax and revitalize the mind, body, and spirit. 

Prana Flow (Nonheated; all levels; 45 minutes)

Prana Flow incorporates basic postures with full focus on moving with the flow of breath. Class typically begins with simple and straightforward pranayama (breathing exercises) and gradually weaves together a sequence of more static hold poses that eventually combine into a breath-guided flow. Practitioners leave feeling energized and balanced.

Release & Recover (Nonheated; all levels; 60 minutes)

Release & Recover is the updated version of Seva's original self myofascial release class, incorporating new research and techniques. This class combines self-myofascial release with yin yoga, breath work, and functional movement, to address dysfunction, imbalance, and maladaptive movement. Perfect for rehabilitating discomfort from injury, overuse, or misuse, as well as for athletes and those who regularly engage in physical activity, Release & Recover increases physical efficiency, ROM, and overall performance, returning the mind and body to a healthy and balanced state.

Seva (Nonheated; all levels; 60 minutes) 

Our Seva classes are free to the public and teach yoga as a practice of healing and rehabilitation. Teachers rotate on the schedule and the style of class may change according to what the teacher decides for that day.

Sunrise Yoga (Heated; mixed levels; 60 minutes)

Plenty of sun salutations and breathwork, Sunrise Yoga is a great start to your morning. This mixed levels class gives options for everyone, beginner to advanced, and may include guided meditation or set an intention for the day. 

Unwind (Nonheated; all levels; 60 minutes)

Unwind is a mild, relaxing class that combines restorative postures, yin yoga, gentle hatha, and myofascial release. The use of props, aromatherapy, warm towels, and massage or acupressure may be included to create a one of a kind experience. This class calms the mind and activates the parasympathetic nervous system to promote relaxation, healing, and growth. Perfect for all levels, pregnant women, and anyone needing to slowly work toward a yoga practice due to injury or pain. Any class starting at 7:30pm requires registration by 6:30pm. If no one is registered by that time class is canceled.



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